Partnership with kholer,
exploratory concept on future bathroom activities in China
Disclaimer : this project is in an early concept phase,
and requires further work. What is interesting here is the method used to integrate global trends with local culture. The methods used to get useful information from users, and how to combine them.
Context research

China will have the world’s largest megalopolis.

In Asia the concept of intimacy is completely different from the western culture.

Living spaces are going to be more and more shared.

China is building the biggest cities the world has ever seen.

Dream bathroom ?
Light, Clean, Bright.

User interviews

Light was the main common point when people were asked to describe their ideal bathroom.

We conducted field observation, qualitative interviews for more than 30 Shanghaiese, with a broad variety of backgrounds.


Light will be scarce

Light is necessary for physical and psychological wellbeing. In dense urbanisation and high rise buildings light is becoming a precious ressource.


And bathrooms dark

In high rise buildings, the living spaces are oriented to recieve the most light. Hence the bathrooms are mostly blind or dark places.

Is it possible to make the bathroom a bright space in the Chinese megalopolis of tomorrow ?

To render this project possible, we identified the switchable glass technology as the ideal tool.

Cultural asset

The wooden lattices are a traditional element of Chinese architecture, it allows one to see outside without being seen.


By living in Shanghai, we observed that almost all the balconies were closed, but were mainly used as broom cupboards.

Our concept : Use the balconies to make the bathroom bright, open, and intimate at the same time.
Our proposition is to make a better use of those closed balconies, currently serving as broom cupboards. They become bathrooms with view. When unused, the switchable glass lets the light through, into the the living spaces. The bathroom experienced is transformed.
To be